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After many years of experimenting with paint finishes in my job as an interior and furniture designer, I became more and more interested in putting some paint on to canvas. In 2010 I started painting in my garage, attended some classes, and got busy with learning the art of applying paint in an artistic way. I found that I loved it. 

I have found that I am very much process driven in my painting practice - I like the actual act of painting. I mainly use oil paints, as I like their viscosity and longer drying time, which gives me more time to move the paint. I respond to what the paint does by manipulating it with different tools and brushes.



I prefer to work on larger canvases, which suits my style of abstract and minimalist painting. The more muted earthy tones like Van Dyke Brown, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre seem to appeal to my senses and make regular appearances in my work. When combined these tones give me a mood to work with, and determine the ways in which I move my brushes in response - I look for the accidental texture, and bring intention in my response.




The two focuses of my work are informal abstract texture and architectural minimalism. These two elements push and pull against each other to find balance, and it is these bounderies I search for in each new painting.

I exhibit regularly throughout the North Island, and I am currently working on a series of paintings for the Wellington Art Show, where I have fortunately been selected as a single wall artist. 


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